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Thanks for all your images & comments.






Dear Mark
Here’s your Y-anchor set into a nice big lump of 40N high strength concrete. The pebbles are temporary and the eventual surface will finish flush with the concrete. It’s a nice simple product and was simple to install.

Incidentally. I initially set the bottom section in fast drying concrete so that it would hold the anchor in place whilst I poured the high strength concrete around the rest of it. - about 100KGs of it in total!

Kind Regards








Hi Mark,
Anchor finally fixed in our driveway - Here is the picture as promised, and I hope that this now will stop the nasty robbers to take my new bike...
Thanks for the great piece of kit, it really looks and feels strong!...









Goldwing Security

                   Goldwing Trike    Ray / Durham


Hi Mark,
I found out about Y Anchor security from my insurance company and ordered one straight away which arrived
very quickly.   On inspection of the Y Anchor it is very well constructed with full installation instructions - a very
well put together piece of kit.  I can now relax knowing my Goldwing trike is very secure.  An extremely fast
efficient & friendly service from Mark & his team.









          Genie / London

Hi there,

I thought you’d like to see the installation of my Y-Max 90 ground anchor. It was super easy to fit and looks great.

Together with the Pragmasis chain and Squire padlock this is such an excellent deterrent that I’m confident that bike thieves will now look elsewhere.










   Y anchor installation      security anchor installation

   motorcycle security anchor installation      flush fitting security ground anchor

Hi Mark,

A few words: "Just wanted to say a big thanks to Mark, top service from him cannot fault it. Great communication and very friendly & knowledgable.

The anchor itself is a quality bit of kit and was simple to install, took a couple of hours.

With this ground anchor and my Almax Chain + Squire Padlock I can sleep a bit better at night!"









 Blue / London

Hi Mark Just a quick note to thank you for sending the ground anchor out so quickly.
It arrived yesterday afternoon and was in the ground by 4pm as per attached photo :)
A well designed security tool.
All the best"











          QUAD BIKE SECURITY www.yanchor.com Robert / London



Hi Mark

The only picture I have of it fitted is to my stripped down quad

which looks like someone has burnt it out so maybe not the best picture.

This is the second one I have purchased and again absolutely great piece of kit.

My mind is put to rest when I have my quad chained to this with my Almax series 4.


Thanks Again










   motorcycle anchor installation

                   security anchor insallation         

                                        ground anchor insallation

    Ground anchor installation Andrew / Berkshire


Some installation photos, never concreted before, but don't be put off its easy. Just mix it and slop it in,

loads of videos on youtube if you need some advice. Have you considered putting up a video showing the installation of your product?

I found the customer installation photos useful but a video would help people who may be put off at the task?

Anyway great product and instructions, bike now secured in back garden, tucked up in it's bike tent.













Hi, I have just installed my new Y-Max 90...! Feel free to use these pics on your website if you wish.

The Y-Max 90 is quality product, it fits my Almax 19mm Heavy Duty Chain perfectly.

I'm glad I found you & your awesome product. My Motorcycle is in safe hands...! Thanks...!!!









    ground anchor  Alan / Essex

    security anchor    security ground anchor

Hiya ,

    Gotta admit,  you say easy fitting and it is exactly that. I am not a great DIY'er. Even I managed to lift a paving slab, break through concrete and fit the Anchor,

        This certainly gives me peace of mind. Thank you for all advice you gave me. I have attached a couple of pics.









   Y-max90    ground anchor fitting 

   ground anchor fitting    ground anchor fitting Niels Netherlands

  Hi Mark, Here are the pictures for your feedback pages, as agreed.

Unfortunately, the start on it. in the hole a skeleton of concrete reinforcement of a meter long. when i have the chain 19 mm and the anti pinch pin,


I will take a picture with my Harly on top of the yanchor... So some picture's will follow with in a month.


Harley Davidson Security 

  Harley Davidson Security

Kind regards,

Niels Netherlands










KTM Security   William / London

                           KTM Security


Yanchors were simple to install and my bikes are far more secure now

     Thanks William






here's my scooter safely secured. I'll be bringing the BMW down in a few weeks then I'll send a shot of both bikes locked to the Y-max90

Ground anchor    Scooter Security


At last I have the BMW down here.  Attached are 2 photos of both bikes anchored. 

In practice one Abus Granit chain will do both bikes but I thought it best to show the anchor fitting 2 chains.
All the best,

BMW Motorcycle Security  Gerald / Buckinghamshire

                          Ground anchor with two security chains








 security anchor    


    Here are some photos of my Ymax 90 installed in the garage, many thanks guys for peace of mind, i tell everyone to buy one.







Boat Security


Mercury outboard

Mercury outboard security  

                Boat security,Mercury outboard security,outboard lock  Andrew / Leicester Outboard security

Hi Mark,

A couple of pictures attached…

hope you can use them.Have fun,






Boat security    David  / Anglesey

                                            Boat Security


My apologies for delay in sending the pictures, I have been out of the Country.
On the Y max it is positioned so that the back of the boat, the Out board Engine
is up against a wall. The trailer cannot be moved forward or Back, So the Engine cannot be easily removed, (Hopefully !) Thieves have been known to "Chainsaw the back of the boat Off to get the Engine"
I am really impressed with both Anchors and ease of fitting : Really GOOD.
Best Regards






motorcycle lock

    motorcycle ground anchor        ground anchor  David / South Shields






Motorcycle lock

                                        Motorbike lock  Tim / South Lanarkshire

Hi there

Please find attached a couple of pics - not sure if they're good enough to illustrate anything.

The service I got from you was professional and straightforward: just what anyone wants from a shopping experience. The Y-max itself was easy to install - even for a total DIY incompetent like myself. I'm very pleased with the result.








 motorcycle lock     Arif / London

                                                              ground anchor


The delivery of the item was Great.

Installed the Y anchor into a block paved driveway. (No trouble, remove a couple of blocks and dug down)


Great Y anchor with drainage.

Could of easily blended the anchor into the drive but decided to leave it rough to highlight the security


Very easy to install and very secure.

People will think twice before attempting to tamper with the bike.


Can leave the bike with piece of mind day after day after day.


thanks again - great product












Motorcycle Security  Steph / London


Dear Mark,
Here is a photo of the Yanchors installed in our front garden.







motorcycle security,ground anchor,atv security,jetski security, caravan security  Stuart / Berkshire

Hi Mark,

Thought Id send you a pic of a YMax90 which is sunk into a tarmac parking area.  Beneath it was concrete, rubble and clay, so I dug deeper than recommended After an afternoons slog, I had a hole 60cm deep and about 50cm square, I stuck some 300mm bolts into the sides of the hole to better anchor the concrete in and filled with pre-mix.  Great bit of kit!  Very happy at how secure it is; the bikes are anchored with two Squire 1.5m 16mm chains. Rain runs into this corner and carries silt and debris, but it drains through the anchor no problem.







motorcycle security Jason / Kent


                     motorcycle security

Hi Mark


Just to say great product, am very impressed - and great value compared with many on the market anchors etc!



                      motorcycle security






Virago XV535  Geoff / Dublin

 Hi Mark
I have attached two photos of the anchor in use after
installing it in a fresh driveway for my Virago XV535.
Its been brilliant, doesn't fill up with water etc.
 I only wish the new bigger version
had been available when I was laying the drive 
All the best

                 Motorcycle Security,  Virago XV535





     Quadbike Security

        Quadbike Security    Chris / Cheshire    Y-max 90

                                          Quadbike Security

Hi mark

Anchor came this afternoon.

Top stuff ,easy to fit,looks the dog bits. Great product.Would recommend to anyone.

Cheers mark








Harley Davidson   Jamie / Essex

I will tell everyone about the Y anchor, its a great product and i am very happy with it
I will place an advert for you at the stadium harley davidson shop ,
http://www.stadiumharley-davidson.co.uk/ Im confident you will get plenty of new customers
good luck in the future

                                                 Harley Davidson






    Mark / Kent  






Well, we got the anchor in yesterday, we used 6 inch nails to make it even more secure.... here's some pics (in case you might wanna post them on your website)

Ground anchor Fitting

Ground anchor FITTING Chris / Mersyside

The nails were my friends idea...." it'll give a more secure fitting," and I had the idea to run back home to get my camera, thats why there's no pics of the hole drilling/ chipping of the cement...  either way, his other half loves me now cause she's got a hallway again... LoL.....

cheers bud, and I'll be telling friends about it and I'll post a "what I got and how I did it and where you can get one" walkthru on a couple bike forums....






Dear Mark:


I don't have a photo, but I did want to thank you for your excellent product.  I installed the regular Y-anchor in a corner of my front garden between the roses and the side entrance to our semi-detached to protect my commuter scooter.  I dug a hole slightly larger than the recommended size and scooped out earth under the walkway leading to the side entrance to help anchor the concrete.   I used plenty of gravel at the bottom and several spikes into the brickwork and sides to help further anchor the concrete.  Other than the perspiration associated with digging the hole in a cramped spot near the house, I found the installation easy and the result tremendous.  I have been using the anchor with a sturdy Monster chain.  It is very easy to access and use, it seems extremely solid -- I don't see how anyone could get it out without alot of time and a very good jackhammer, or dynamite, and as far as I can tell no-one has tried  -- and as advertised the design allows water to filter down through the gravel so that it never fills and appears completely dry even after a heavy rain.  I am a fan!  Many thanks for a straightforward, well-designed product that does what you say it does.   If only we had more such products. 


Michael Sussman