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Feedback 1 - installed motorcycle security anchors

Motorcycle Ground Anchor

Hi Mark, Your timing is perfect, i just got the anchor fitted yesterday by "Lothian Paving Ltd" who did a great job. Looks great and now one step closer to getting my replacement bike. Excellent quality ground anchor, with an extremely neat finish.   Great service all round,  I have taken a few photos which are attached.  Thanks again!! Gary


Motorcycle Security Anchor

Hi Mark,  Finally got the anchor in the ground!   As you can see i have fitted the ground anchor into block paving.  For extra strength ( because its in block paving) i have increased the hole size to 700x700x700 and installed additional steel supports around the anchor and tied the anchor to them before the concrete was added.  I have to say i am really pleased with the outcome.  A credit to yourself ,also, for great customer service  from the offset!  Because you were keen to receive as fitted photos it makes it a pleasure installing knowing that someone wants to see the finished result.  Thankyou for everything. Im sure i will purchase another at some time because if we move i suppose its deffinatelly one of those items you leave behind for someone to benefit from.   Till next time,  Kind regards,  John.


best motorcycle ground anchor

Hi Mark,  Please find attached some pictures of the item I have bought from you. You can put on your website if you want to. I’m living in London and I recommend this product.   Compliment for the product, nobody never ever touch my bike again and I can keep my hobby. My previous motorbike was stolen (I didn't have Y-max 90 before).



motorbike ground anchor installation

Hi Mark  I promised to send photos once I'd installed the ground anchor.   I’ve just moved to a new home near Bristol and decided to install a built-in ground anchor.   I chose the highly recommended Y-max 90   It’s big enough to take my 19mm heavy duty, uncroppable Almax Immobiliser IV chain   I’ve never drilled into or mixed concrete before so this was new territory.   Still, as they say on Top Gear:   “How hard can it be?”


best motorcycle security anchor

Hi Mark,  The ground anchors are now in place and being used in anger. They are simply superb and provide unquestionable peace of mind when used with the appropriate locks and chains of course.  Thanks a lot for your help and speedy service.  Cheers, Lewis.


best motorcycle security

Hi Mark.  Great motorcycle security product, very easy to install and really secure once concreted in. I have already started recommending you to my friends, faultless.      Thanks Steve.


concrete in security anchor

Mark,  Thanks for getting back to me.  I have attached some pictures of my bike that you may be interested in that I have put together for the insurance company.  You will see it is used with a  Squire Ex-Caliber SS65 16mm Chain & SS65CS Padlock.   Feel free to use the photos if you want.   Thanks and regards,  



Motorcycle Security Anchor installation

Hi Mark,      Apologies for taking so long but you asked for some photos of the Y anchor installed.     Once I got round to it it was a simple and straight forward job. Rented the tools and had it in place after about 2 hours.     Very happy with the result and the product, thank you once again.     Regards,  Andrew


security ground anchor

Great product, fast delivery and very easy fitting - works perfectly with block paving and is discreet but robust. Happy to recommend to anyone thinking about quick, easy and super-secure bike security.  Miles


Motorbike Security Ground Anchor installation


As promised.     One's for the Fat Bob and t'other is an S4R.     Hope they're of use and if you want any more let us know.   

Regards,     Trev.

Y-max90 motorcycle security ground anchors


Security Anchor installation

Hi Mark,     I'd recommend the Y-anchor ground anchor to anybody who needs to secure a light vehicle at their home. A couple of hours work was well worth it for peace-of-mind. This device ticks all the boxes - strong, easily fitted & has no attack surface whatsoever for any would-be thief to have a go at. I only wished I'd invented it first!  ;o)  With quick delivery and excellent communication, you've proved to have both a superb product and a great service ethic, thanks.     Cheers,



Motorbike Security Ground Anchor installation

Hi mark,   Sorry I haven't got back to you sooner - we have been busy putting down the hard standing for the bike so thought I would wait until I could take some pictures for your website!    I am really pleased with the Y-anchor, I think that it is a really well designed product which was simple to install and is easy to use. I spent a long time looking round many different websites looking for a suitable anchor to use and eventually chose the Y-anchor as i thought it was one of the best around and good value. Your quick delivery of the Y-anchor was second to none.      Please find attached some photos which you are welcome to use.   Thanks  


Y anchor original motorcycle security ground anchors


Motorcycle Security

Hi,  I've taken a few pictures of my well-protected Harley VRSCX which you are welcome to use. The bike cost ?13 500 and I got a discount on my insurance through having it anchored to the ground. I looked at all the ground anchors available and the Y-MAX is simply the best. It was very simple to install and only took a couple of hours. I teamed it up with  a 16mm 1.5metre Almax Immobiliser III chain and a Cisa padlock. I can sleep easily with "Full Metal Jacket" security like this.  Regards, 



Quad bike security

With not having room for a garage I started looking round for some sort of anchor to secure my Quad bike to. Looking round there are two options either ones like the Y anchor or those you bolt to the ground or wall. Reading about all different types, the ones buried in the ground looked best. Of the ones available with it's Sold Secure Gold rating, the Y anchor looked the best.   Now that it has been installed it not only looks good hidden underground but I am assured my Quad bike is safe locked to it.  



security ground anchor installation

Hi Mark  Best ground anchor I’ve seen this isn’t coming out getting another for outside summer storage.  Regards  Mick  Great piece of engineering simple but great!!  Most of the clan I know don’t even bother locking up “till there prise possession goes”



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