Motorcycle ground anchor installation instructions

Instructions on installing our motorcycle security ground anchors.

Yannchor original,  Y-max90 and  Y-max120

Ground anchor fitting instructions


A copy of these easy to follow instructions come with the Y anchor original and Y-max90/120 security ground anchors

If you have any queries regarding ground anchor installation email: 

Tel: ( INT +44) 0191 2159738 / 07540465886

IMPORTANT NOTICE! We no longer supply independent fitters with our Y anchor security ground anchors except for specially arranged commercial applications ie supermarkets, hotels, retail parks etc. In this case we will supply a receipt which MUST be passed on to the customer for their records. If you are offered a Y anchor original, Y-max90, Y-max120 from anyone (fitters, builders etc) they will NOT be the genuine product. The only way to purchase a genuine product is to buy direct from ourselves at 

Y anchor original, Y-max90, Y-max120 INSURANCE APPROVED SOLD SECURE APPROVED (CAT) MOTORCYCLE SECURITY (RATED) MOTORCYCLE - GOLD. Product Authenticity - An insurance claim would be void without proof of purchase by means of a purchase receipt or written confirmation of authenticity from ourselves. A receipt of proof of purchase is supplied with the Y anchor original and Y-max90/120 and carry the SOLD SECURE logo. 



The Y anchor does have a drainage hole to allow rain to escape. So when fitting outside, dry hardcore or gravel should be placed at the base of the hole.

Security ground anchor installation

If you have any queries   email:    Tel: ( INT +44)  0191 2159738  /  07540465886

We have put together a "HOW TO" board on pinterest that may be of some help.