Thanks to all for your feedback emails with your images and testimonials.


Competition Winner

Y-max90 Ground Anchor Competition Winner

A nice photo of our Facebook page competition winner Andy Brown with his prize Y-max90, Thanks Andy for the photo  and a big thanks to all that took part.

FEEDBACK 4 - installed motorCYCLE security anchors


Hi Mark   Here are some photos of the Y anchor I bought from you, after installation. It was important that I could install a ground anchor that was a). tamper proof and b). integrated well with my slate drive. Your Y anchor achieves both objectives. What you don't see in the photographs is the 80kg block of concrete with reinforcing rods below the slate (I am a builder). It is possible that a determined thief could steel the bike but he would need a battery grinder to cut through the chain as I am confident your ground anchor is going nowhere!    It's the best anchor of its kind I have seen, every biker who is serious about security should have one. I wish I'd installed one before my Speed Triple was stolen...   Best wishes    Pierre



Hi Mark,  Recently installed the ground anchors you sold me.  Only using two at the minute.  


They do seem like a good piece of kit.

Cheers.  Mark


motorbike security

Hi Mark,

A photo of my newly installed Y anchor.  I am very happy with it.  If you would like any other photos let me know.




Security anchor installation  earth - grass

Hi Mark, Great product. Just awaiting a bike to attach to it. Picture below/attached as requested. Thanks for the great service.  5 out of 5.  Kind regards, Matt


motorbike security

Dear Sirs, Thanks for the fast delivery and excellent product.  I am very please and managed to install it easily today.  Please find pictures of Y-anchor fitted  Thank you, Gavin


ground anchor

Hi,    Thought i would send you a picture of one of the ground anchors installed. The garage obviously isnt finished yet but getting there slowly. Thankyou very much. Very pleased with the product. 

Thanks   Mark


motorbike security

Evening Mark  Just wanted to say Y anchor is better than I hoped and easy to install . Looking at a second one for my other bike :) great  All the best Ron


security anchor installation

Great product, very sturdy construction and easy to install. Feel safer in the knowledge that the bike is Chained through the Y-Max90" 



Motorcycle security anchor

Hi Mark 

I have 2 bikes anchored with one chain It works so well. Allows for smooth travel over floor without interference. Can’t be removed or knocked out of place.   Thanks  Simon


best motorcycle security anchor

As I'm not very good with DIY we got a local garden/paving company to install the Y-max90 ground anchor, and I'm very happy with the end result - it feels rock solid and is an extremely well built product, very happy with the purchase.   Thanks, Will



Hi Mark  Sorry for the delay, but I finally finished the paving and installation, so have attached some pics for you to use. Really pleased, 

many thanks!




Hi Mark the anchor is very sturdy, sits far deeper under the concrete than another anchor point I’ve seen. And unlike any other anchor point I’ve seen it doesn’t present a trip hazard. The drainage hole in it is a great addition to the design. I feel very confident about the safety of my bike now.  

Thanks Martyn


Motorcycle security

Hi Mark  Some photos as requested.  I am afraid that the shed is relatively small making photography tricky but your product works well and I am very pleased with it and the service received.   I first saw your Yanchor either on Google Search or Youtube, not quite sure which was first, both around about the same time.  

Many thanks


Motorcycle security anchor and chain